Learning in a Living Laboratory

Classes such as Environmental Science and Animal Behavior are tied closely to the Trevor Zoo. Students of environmental science, for example, examine basic ecological principles and analyze human impacts on the biosphere.  The approach is solution-oriented and focuses on sustainability—quality of life for all within the means of nature.  This course is both scientific and multidisciplinary in its approach and challenges students to use the best scientific theory, research, and data to understand a variety of contemporary environmental problems and viewpoints.  Frequent field activities and trips make use of local wetlands, streams, forests, and other wildlife habitats as well as the animals at the Trevor Zoo.

Here, we breed endangered species, eight altogether, and our students are involved in their daily care. The zoo provides a bounty of opportunity for students to research, test hypotheses, and learn more here about biology, animal behavior, and environmental science than they could learn at any other school in the world.

Students have the opportunity to work with a vet in our veterinary clinic, design and execute independent research projects, dive into the chemistry and biology of animal life, and so much more.