Anna Rose '03
Songwriter, Artist, Musician, Producer
For more than twenty years, critically acclaimed songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer Anna Rose has toured the United States, headlining powerfully intimate shows and opening for an array of illustrious global acts. Time on the road and in the studio for her four impassioned full-length studio albums has honed her song-crafting skills and fueled the storytelling fire that burns within this Nashville-based, New York, and LA-raised independent artist. Rose transforms cross-genre influences—which range from classic rock to alternative indie, pop, and country—into concise contemporary tracks built upon dynamic, and often bombastic, vocals and expert musicianship. 

Alongside her artistic work, Anna continues to write for other artists, as well as for film, TV, and commercial use. She uses her voice to advocate for artist and songwriter rights. She is also a proud member of the Resistance Revival Chorus.