New & Noteworthy

Thoughtful Growth

The school is continuing to develop in ways that are consistent with our mission and support our ambition to be the finest small, coeducational, college-preparatory boarding school in the country.

Most recently, we have been focused on the heart of Millbrook's campus—Pulling Circle. In early January 2023, new buildings and renovations on Pulling Quadrangle were completed. The repositioning of Pulling House and the addition of Anthony House to Pulling Circle grew out of master planning completed several years ago. In erecting Anthony House, the first space on campus dedicated to our alums, we acknowledge the importance of our alumni body and provide a uniquely Millbrook space for when they return to campus.

The creation of a new counseling center, completed in early 2022, provides comfortable and private spaces for sensitive conversations and room for larger group meetings. Led by two full-time counselors, the center's new location in the Barn has strengthened the connection to the Student Life Office and engendered a more holistic approach to mental health and wellness on campus.

As Millbrook became a school of 330 students, we also completed construction on a spacious new dining hall, Casertano Hall, to accommodate the larger school population. Like the Flagler Memorial Chapel, Casertano Hall is a gathering place for the entire community—students, faculty, staff, and their families. This demands that it be the best possible combination of form and function, that it is as beautiful and inspirational as it is functional, effective, and green.

Our goal is always to preserve and enhance the best of Millbrook’s campus design and architecture with the goal of having all who visit say, “It looks just the same, only better!"

Pulling Circle: the Heart of Millbrook's Campus

Counseling Center: Health & Wellness is a Top Priority

Center of the Community: The Casertano Dining Hall

Gorgeous Living Spaces: Girls' Newest Dorm

Millbrook's Newest Facilities

Millbrook's campus has evolved tremendously over the past several years as facilities improvements have been made in almost every area of school life. With an investment of more than $60 million over the past 20 years, the following new buildings and renovations represent a commitment to continually improving the educational experience for Millbrook students: 
  • Counseling Center/Business Office: Completed in early 2022 and occupying the space between the Barn and the west end of Prum Hall, the new nearly-2000 square-foot building is home to Millbrook’s counseling center and the business office. 
  • Baseball Diamond: The ground-up renovation includes a new infield, dugouts, and a classic brick backstop completed in time for the 2020 season.
  • The Mill: The historic Mill underwent a complete renovation that concluded in the summer of 2017. This iconic campus building, which many alumni remember as the Arts Center, is now the entrance to the Trevor Zoo and is enhancing the experience of our students and visitors of the zoo in so many ways.
  • The Dining Hall: Completed in 2016, our new 12,000 square foot dining hall is a gathering place for the entire community—students, faculty, staff, and their families. It is the best possible combination of form and function, as it is just as beautiful and inspirational as it is functional, effective, and green.
  • Koenigsberger Hall: The new girls dormitory on the west end of campus, was completed for the opening of the 2014 school year.
  • The Barn: One of the oldest buildings on campus, the Barn underwent a complete renovation in 2012. Housing the student center, the Millbrook Cafe, the School Store, and the College Counseling Office, it is a favorite gathering place for students on campus.
  • The Reese Squash Center was expanded in 2012 to include four new international squash courts (for a total of eight), an expansive viewing area, and new team rooms.
  • The Hamilton Math & Science Center was completed in 2009 and houses state-of-the-art classrooms and labs for math and science classes.