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Winter Weekend

Winter Weekend is a spirited, competitive, and creative all-school event where the best strategy, teamwork, and energy ultimately result in one dorm being named Winter Weekend Champions!

Competitive events start on Thursday afternoon of the much anticipated weekend and continue through Saturday at noon, including:
  • Pep Rally
  • College Bowl
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Dorm Banner Contest
  • Whipped Cream Bubblegum Eating
  • Airband & Video
  • Dorm Clean
Details about the above activities, photos, video, and a list of victors past can all be found below!


Pep Rally

The pep rally launches the annual Winter Weekend festivities. This high-energy event starts with all of the dorms rallying in the Flagler Quad. They then parade to the Mills Athletic Center where each dorm is judged on a pep rally performance based on their level of energy and spirit, connection to the school's core value of the year, and more. Click here to see past pep rally performances.

College Bowl

Students gather in the Chelsea Morrison Theater on the Friday evening of Winter Weekend to compete in the College Bowl event, which is a trivia competition that has been a cornerstone of Winter Weekend since time immemorial. Categories include:
  • Academic Departments (Art, English, History, Mathematics, Science, World Languages)
  • Millbrook Trivia (including students, and Millbrook history)
  • Pop Culture (TV, Music, Movies, Sports)
  • Current Events
Each dorm elects three members to be their representatives in this nail-biting match-up of the minds. Questions follow a specific format: one tossup question, followed by two related followup questions. Questions increase in difficulty, with the tossup being the easiest and the second followup being the hardest. Most importantly, every question has one — and only one — undeniably correct answer.

Scavenger Hunt, Dorm Banners, and Saturday Evening Activities

On Saturday, the Mustangs participate in a full day of activity, including the scavenger hunt, presentation of banners, and an evening social event. 

Students compete by dorm in the schoolwide scavenger hunt, using their problem-solving skills to decode the clues and racing to complete the hunt in record time to earn the highest points towards their overall score. 

Banner presentations follow, with each dorm presenting a banner for judging by the Winter Weekend judges. The banners must be reflective of dorm pride, creativity, and the core value being highlighted during the year of the Winter Weekend competition, among other things. 

Saturday commences with a social gathering in the Barn. Casino Night has proven a popular theme in recent years, with students gathering to enjoy food, music, and to "gamble" for gift cards and other prizes.  

Whipped Cream Bubblegum Eating & Pillow Polo

Everyone gathers in the Mills Athletic Center on Sunday afternoon to participate in both the Whipped Cream Bubblegum Eating and Pillow Polo competitions. 

Dorms select three representatives to participate in the Whipped Cream Bubblegum Eating event, which requires participants to dive into a whipped cream pie and find a piece of bubblegum, which they must then chew and blow a bubble with as proof of finding. The dorm that completes the challenge in the fastest time wins. 

The Mustangs then turn their attention to pillow polo, an indoor hockey-like event played with paddles and a pillow ball. Teams are judged based on their bracket, dorm attendance of the event, and sportsmanship.

Air Band

Following Sunday's activities in the Mills Athletic Center, students then gather in the Chelsea Morrison Theater for the Air Band event, where each dorm presents a choreographed routine to illustrate their creativity, dorm pride, and spirit. Students often create their own music mixes to showcase their talents and the crowd goes wild during this event each year. Click here to see past Air Band performances.
More Information About Winter Weekend


The tradition of Winter Weekend started more than two decades ago, please find recent winners below: 

2023: Clark/Guest
2022: Harris Hall
2021: Day Students
2020: Clark Hall
2019: Koenigsberger Hall
2018: Abbott Hall
2017: Prum/Guest