Logan Sailer '05
Principal Thermal/Fluids Engineer, Blue Origin
Logan is a principal thermal/fluid engineer at Blue Origin, where he works on spacecraft reentry, thermal protection systems, and thermodynamics for the New Glenn launch vehicle. A deep curiosity in science drove him to explore a wide range of topics early in his career, from space nuclear power to supersonic compressors to ocean-wave-driven power generators. This broad base of interests and knowledge has proven invaluable in his current role, and Logan regularly volunteers to learn new topics beyond his current skill base.

In his personal time, Logan immerses himself in year-round climbing and skiing in the deep alpine ranges of the Washington Cascades. He also volunteers with local climbing organizations as a mentor and leader to new climbers, teaching both technical climbing skills and the softer skills of leadership, ethics, and stewardship of the outdoors. In line with his commitment to curiosity and continual learning, Logan holds a certification as a Wilderness First Responder and is currently examining the fine line between type-II and type-III fun by taking up ultra-marathoning.