Underform Awards Recognize Scholastic, Art, and Leadership Successes

Today's Underform Awards ceremony was attended by hundreds of people around the world! All joined us in a virtual assembly to honor Vth form students recognized for their outstanding achievements and dedication to academics, student life, and the arts.

Academic Dean Jarratt Clarke kicked off the ceremony announcing the winners of 12 awards for scholastic achievement:
  • Merilee Weil '21 - Sewanee Book Award for Excellence in Writing
  • Lilla Powers '21 - Elmira College Key
  • Robbie Southwick '21 - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Merit Award in Math and Science 
  • Fenway Powers '21 - University of Rochester/Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology
  • Molly Kissane '21 - University of Rochester/Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award in Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Charlie Weisberg '21 - The University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Award 
  • Sophie Stark '21 - The Kenyon Book Award
  • Olivia Charles '21 - The Smith College Book Award
  • Emma Schaad '21 - The Wesleyan Book Award
  • Noor Rahman '21 - The Bates College Book Award
  • Hanji Xu '21 - The Williams College Book Award
  • Hannah Stewart '21 - Aurelian Honors Society Book Award, Yale University
Click here to view the full descriptions of the college book awards and comments from Academic Dean Jarratt Clarke.

When we talk about what makes Millbrook, Millbrook, the arts are always a part of that discussion. Today, we also honored students who are dedicated to their art disciplines and have an eagerness to share, to invent, and to take risks that inspire us all. Art Department Chair Sarah MacWright shared sentiments about each student's talent.
  • Noor Rahman '21 for ceramics. You never shy away from a challenge and you are dedicated to process of learning and discovery. 
  • Griffin Mandelbaum '21 for dance and circus arts. You approach your work in the air with bravery, and we applaud your eagerness to encourage new aerialists. 
  • Cady Sheng '21 for drawing and painting. Quite simply, your passion for making art is inspiring, and your joy makes the studio a better place. 
  • Hanji Xu '21 for instrumental and vocal music. For always pushing your peers and yourself to grow as vocalists and musicians, we are pleased to award you twice.
  • Jess Piard '21 for photography. With your expert understanding of color theory and narrative, you transform your life into your art, and we are all better for it. 
  • Summer Vogliano '21 for technical theater. You are amazing. You are dedicated. And no matter what, you show up with a smile. 
  • Merilee Weil '21 for theater. You command the stage and inspire others with your commitment to ensemble. 
English Department Chair Sam Goodwin followed with the Poetry Prize awarded to Jess Piard '21 for the single best poem submitted to the English Department for consideration. English faculty appreciated Jess's poem, Dim, for its beautiful and moving images, for her unique voice, and for her unbelievable eye for detail. To read Jess's poem and Mrs. Goodwin's words, click here.

Headmaster Drew Casertano capped off the event and named Sam Smith '21 the 2020 Founders' Prize winner. Established by Bradford Mills ’44, this prize honors the qualities that Millbrook’s founders, Edward and Lucy Pulling, sought to inspire in their students. It is given annually, by vote of the full faculty, to a member of the Vth form who has displayed an enthusiasm for life’s challenges, a creative and innovative spirit, and a commitment to the community and to team play. Along with receiving a cup and having his or her name listed on a permanent trophy, the Founders’ Prize winner receives a scholarship to NOLS, Outward Bound or a similar program for the summer following her or his Vth form year.

Today's ceremony was about honoring those who have succeeded and who have served. As Headmaster Casertano said to those watching, "These students have challenged themselves to develop their best selves and to enrich their school community and the greater good." 

Parents can view a video of this virtual event via the parent Resources board, or by clicking here.
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