Student Literary Showcase

Four students - Noor Rahmah '21, Chloe Robinson '19. Gabrielle Kirikian '20, and Precious Esielem '22 - presented their poetry, short stories, songs, and more at Millbrook's Student Literary Showcase in the Flagler Memorial Library on Friday, January 11th.

"I saw a need for space for students to share their written work on campus," said Assistant Librarian Jennifer Piperno who initiated the event. "My goal was to offer an opportunity for students to share their writing in ways other than in print and I felt that the library was the perfect setting for doing so." After picking a date, participating students attended workshopping sessions to refine their works and presentation skills leading up to the event. Ms. Piperno also teamed up with Mr. Feuer, Mrs. Schermann, and Mrs. Pan to help her bring the event to life. 

Over 30 attendees turned out for the showcase, with the presenters offering a variety of personal works in creative and captivating ways. "The library is a perfect place for literary artists to congregate, hone their craft, and share with their peers," said Ms. Piperno who is already working with students to plan the next showcase, which is scheduled for Friday, February 15th. "Students had the opportunity to reflect on their work, receive and implement feedback on their personal writing, and also brainstorm ways to transmit their stories and emotions through performance and reading throughout the process of preparing for and executing this event," said Ms. Piperno.
The showcase was certainly a success and an opportunity for the community to come together, present points of view, and to connect with each other in new and meaningful ways. Congratulations to those students who presented!

Click here to view photos from the event.