Yale Spizzwinks Host Master Class and Perform at Millbrook

Millbrook welcomed the Yale Spizzwinks a capella group to campus on Saturday, April 1st.

Both Millbrook Singers and Millbrook Voices joined the Spizzwinks for an hour-long master class, which began with both groups performing a song. With a foundational knowledge of the style and voices of the Millbrook students from these performances, the Spizzwinks then split them into four groups: vowel technique, breathing technique, beat boxing, and general questions about Yale and the Spizzwinks. Students then rotated between these groups to hone their skills and interact with the Yalies. The master class concluded with the Spizzwinks previewing two songs from their repertoire.

After the master class the larger Millbrook community gathered in the Chelsea Morrison Theater to enjoy a concert kicked off by Millbrook's own student vocal groups, Millbrook Singers and Millbrook Voices.

The Spizzwinks then took to the stage for a dynamic performance, which included over 10 songs, engaging storytelling, comedic jokes, and outstanding vocal technique.

"It is hard to come away from a performance like the one the Spizzwinks delivered and not be inspired about ways that we can improve our own performances,” said Vocal Music Director Joseph Raciti.

Millbrook students are excited to incorporate some new techniques and continue honing their skills after their meeting with the Spizzwinks.

"I think that one of the best things about their performance was that they were able to incorporate many different elements into the show, such as storytelling. This is something that I would like to explore within Millbrook Singers,” said Jacob Maren ’18.

Both the performance and the master class were thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended, and we are grateful to the Yale Spizzwinks for joining us.