Footage of Millbrook’s Red Pandas Featured in Major Media Outlets

Much of the Northeast came to a standstill during the recent blizzard, but our Red pandas had the time of their lives.

Trevor Zoo is one of the facilities that make our school truly one of a kind. Being the only high school in the United States with a zoo on our campus provides our students with the unique opportunity to study, observe, and help care for the 180 exotic and indigenous animals, including our Red pandas, in an AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) accredited facility.
While most people were shoveling themselves out of vast piles of snow during the recent storm, our Red pandas, Hope, Faith, and MowMow, had a fun-filled day of play at the Trevor Zoo! Our live-streaming video camera picked up this heartwarming footage, and it instantly went viral.
Numerous major media publications have shared the footage including The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Toronto Star, Euronews, and many more. Click here to watch the video of our Red pandas frolicking in the snow on The Washington Post.
You can watch a 24/7 live stream of our Red pandas on our Trevor Zoo Live page.
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