Friday Forum: The Samburu Project

Millbrook School welcomed Linda Hooper, executive director of The Samburu Project, to Friday Forum. Linda began with a series of thought-provoking questions about water: “How many people took a shower today? How many of you had a glass of water or brushed your teeth? And how many of you had to walk 10 miles to find water?”
The Samburu Project seeks to improve access to clean water for the people of Samburu, Kenya while empowering women, and promoting health, education, and general well-being. The project was instrumental in the installation of several wells that freed residents, usually women, from regular ten-mile walks to obtain clean water.
Though it begins with access to clean water, the impact of the Samburu Project trickles down to an improvement in overall life and health, allowing more time for education and trade. The women of Samburu are known for their beautiful beadwork and jewelry, some of which were sold to raise funds for the project. 

VIth former Lily Slepoy interned with the Samburu Project and organized a “Walk For Water” fundraiser in which a group of students, faculty, and friends of Millbrook departed Pulling Circle, hiked up Ski Hill, and through the cross-country trails to symbolize the distance and challenges many women endure in pursuit of clean water. 

"I wanted Linda to give a Friday Night Forum because I believe that her work and that of the Samburu project completely reflects our own school values of respect, integrity, curiosity, service, and stewardship of the natural world," said Lily. "We've talked a lot about being global citizens and why it is important to break the bubble of our small community." 
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