Building Community Through Art For Black History Month

February is Black History Month and Dean of DEIB Prince Botchway is working hard to engage students in the Black experience by presenting a busy month of thoughtful and thought-provoking programming.
A group painting party led by Zhane’s Palette Studio brought students together to make art and commune over gourmet cupcakes from Twisted Soul Cupcakes, a Black-owned bakery in Poughkeepsie. Founder Azhané inspired students to work from vintage photographs to create their own unique paintings.  

Mr. Botchway shares: "This year’s BHM paint session dug into our archives to find vintage or sentimental photos to reference. We mixed color with patterns with our paint brushes to create our beautiful Bisa-inspired work. The session’s living artist study was Bisa Butler. Bisa creates new works of art by mixing vintage photo silhouettes with culture fabrics. The connection she makes in her work is honoring the past, present & future."

In what has become an annual event, the Black History Month paint session is high point of community, connection, and beauty.
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