Millbrook Goes Hollywood

A Dutchess County native and award-winning director and producer, Ken Topolsky visited the honors theater and playwriting classes to share stories about his experience in entertainment. With a string of film and television credits including The Wonder Years, Party of Five, Flashdance, and many others, Mr. Topolsky implored students to become keen observers of the world around them and to separate the craft of acting from the trappings of celebrity.

Mr. Topolsky transitioned from a New York-centric career in the music business, working with artists like John Lennon, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, and others before signing on as music coordinator on the film Flashdance.  A string of successful projects in Los Angeles followed, and he has since produced over 30 television pilots and over 500 television episodes and directed more than 40 programs.

Visiting artists and other special guests are regularly welcomed thanks to Millbrook’s proximity to New York City and other nearby arts hotbeds. Mr. Topolsky’s visit provided an incredible opportunity for students to hear from a leader in the entertainment arts.
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