Millbrook Trounces Pomfret

Mindful dining prevailed as Millbrook defeated Pomfret in the inaugural Route 44 Food Fight. Initiated by Millbrook's Environmental Council, the competition pitted Mustang against Griffin in a good old-fashioned contest to see who could most decrease food waste over five days. Unlike some historically bitter rivalries, both sides can legitimately claim victory in that decreases in food waste have immediate environmental benefits and can also catalyze a change in dining habits and long-term relationships to food.

Based on measurements taken earlier in the fall, which indicated an average of 149.25 lbs of daily food waste, Millbrook’s Casertano Hall denizens took the contest to heart and managed to decrease waste by 56.72% during the week of the challenge. Millbrook swept the week with monumental decreases every day as compared to their eastern rivals, who managed a still-admirable 25% average daily decrease.

A rare win-win-win, the food fight was beneficial to both school communities and to a Pomfret-area food pantry, which will receive a donation of 44 lbs of food. Roll Stangs!
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