Welcome Chaco!

The Trevor Zoo welcomes Chaco, an eight-year-old red wolf! Based on a breeding recommendation from the AZA Species Survival Plan for red wolves, Chaco comes to us from the Ross Park Zoo in Binghamton, New York. After a brief quarantine period, Chaco will join Flora in the zoo’s new red wolf breeding facility.

Born in 2015 at Niabi Zoo in Coal Valley, Illinois, Chaco is one of fewer than 300 red wolves, making the species one of the most critically endangered on the planet. A species that once thrived in significant numbers throughout southeastern North America, there are only a handful of red wolves in the wild at Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina. In concert with other AZA facilities, the Trevor Zoo aims to increase the population of red wolves so they may eventually be returned to the wild. The restoration of balance to ecosystems throughout the wolves’ historic range is a crucial long-term goal that has far-reaching impacts throughout the food chain.

With the addition of Chaco, the Trevor Zoo is now home to four red wolves, including Clifford and Juno (Flora’s mom) who you can see every day in our red wolf exhibit. Wolves are especially active in the cooler weather of autumn, making right now a great time to visit!
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