New English Electives

High enrollment in creative writing and poetry classes inspired a revamped curriculum and the creation of new courses for aspiring student authors. In response to the increased demand, English department chair Lewis Feuer and teacher Sophie Kennedy created three new class sections, one in poetry and two in creative writing. Elements of Poetry and Elements of Fiction go beyond basics and feature a balance of reading and writing; students can progress then to new advanced electives.
Expanded offerings allow smaller class sizes, closer analysis and discussion of assigned readings, and opportunities for students to read and workshop their work. Elements of Poetry students are focused on authorial voice and intent and addressing form and structure while building a portfolio. Students in the Elements of Fiction sections explore personal themes and ideas as they read widely across genres. Both courses connect to culminating projects in the department, the Un-Essay for the fall semester and the English Culminating Essay in the spring.
Students who complete these courses in the fall may enroll in the new advanced fiction and poetry writing spring semester courses. These electives are offered to VIth formers committed to writing in college and beyond. 
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