Night Vision at the Warner Gallery

Night Vision is the ability to see in low light or after one's eyes have adjusted. From that sentiment, we gather artwork together in the Warner Gallery. So much of an artist's work involves learning to see the world, break it down, and view its subtleties. Once a maker has acclimated to a state of constant unknowing, they create from what they can see. This show explores night scenes, low light, shade, or "being in the dark," figuratively and literally. We want to celebrate the curiosity it takes to create something without a clear guiding light and the beauty that can come from recording a perspective despite being unable to see the entirety of one's surroundings from a single point of view. 
                                                                                      – Warner Gallery Curator Kiernan Pazdar
The Warner Gallery provides an opportunity for Millbrook students to view and re-view the work of contemporary working artists. Access to the thoughtfully considered and curated gallery mere steps away from busy classrooms and studios is integral to the program at the Holbrook Arts Center.
The show features work by:
Rebecca Shippee
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