Fall Play: A Midsummer Night's Dream

In a welcome embrace of traditional material, Millbrook’s fall play will be Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. From the scene shop to the spotlight, and relying on their extensive experience in theater arts, VIth formers Querida, Madison, and IVth former Nya will bring the play to life as Assistant Technical Director, Stage Manager, and Assistant Director, respectively.

“I really want to be a screenwriter,” shares Nya, who enrolled in the playwriting elective last year and had the opportunity to write, produce, and direct her own play. This year, Nya will be using her “creative mind to help create a vision for the play.” Tapping into her acting and writing experience, she will direct three scenes while generally supporting the production. Once a reluctant public speaker, at Millbrook, Nya has conquered those fears and found a new way to connect with people. “Through theater, I am able to enter a realm that is full of different characters and voices that have helped me express myself.”

Querida will be leading peers in all aspects of production this fall: lighting, sound, set design, and scenic painting. “I really like seeing and knowing how things are done,” she shares. Querida has been involved in technical aspects of theater since fourth grade and her work with the Holbrook technology community service means she is vital to every show that goes up in the Chelsea Morrison Theater. “I’ll be sharing my skills, facilitating discussions, and supporting all areas of production including training on the lighting and sound boards.” Querida embraces Millbrook’s immersive art program and when she’s not running the show in the theater, she is creating in her own Honors Drawing and Painting studio.

Madison, a self-proclaimed musical theater fan, will serve in an operational role this fall as stage manager. “I work on the scheduling, day-to-day blocking, and coordinating cast and the crew.” Madison says she found her way to the arts at Millbrook “on a whim,” but has found a sense of community and a shared interest. “The entire community comes together and it’s so great when  students and teachers can see what we’ve been working towards,” says Madison. “Even if they don’t like a show, we can have discussions that carry over to the classroom or even the dining hall.”

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a classic that everyone knows, so there’s a challenge there to make it feel new,” says Madison. Without giving away too much, student leaders are working with the cast and crew to find ways to put their own creative spin on this classic. “That’s the great thing about (Director of Theater) Ms. Lifter,” Madison says. “We’re able to play around with it and shape the script.” 

Save the Date for the Fall Play: November 9th - 11th in the Chelsea Morrison Theater
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