Meet the 2023-24 Prefects!

Head of School Jonathan Downs ’98 introduced the six Millbrook School prefects for the 2023-2024 school year at Monday assembly in Flagler Memorial Chapel.  Prefects are the elected representatives of the student body and are charged with creating and sustaining school culture. They work closely with the Student Life Office and serve as a liaison between students and faculty in both directions.

Through their example, prefects set the standard of conduct, scholarship, and service, and embody Non Sibi Sed Cunctis in their every action. Prefects conduct the two weekly all-school assemblies, serve on disciplinary committees, and are key in setting the overall tone on campus.

2023-2024 Prefects
Querida Alleyne
Givi Fleuristal-Muheto
Annie Hallock
Shaye Jasiel
Aaron Jean-Francois
Gio Panicola