Holbrook Made Opening

As spring swept across campus, this year’s edition of Holbrook Made came to life in the Warner Gallery. Students, faculty, and trustees came to marvel at the work produced by Millbrook’s incredibly talented student artists. Crowded with photos, paintings, drawings, a textile piece, and a video work, the four walls of the space seem to vibrate with expression and beauty. A horde of ceramic pieces at the center of the gallery showcased the vision and expertise of the potters and sculptors of Tyler Gundrum’s classes.
Holbrook Made is always the final show of the school year in the Warner Gallery and allows all students to show the work they find culminating for the year. While the show may be bittersweet for seniors, it can provide momentum for returning students as they head into summer.

Painting & Drawing
Christina Bellin
Alec Enchill
Leah Foehrenbach
Sophia Grace
Fiona Hazel
Charlotte Norton
Lisa Parker
Rayan Rustom
Jaxon Salmon
Rush Schwartz
Cam Woodin
Eleanor Chamberlin
Frances Chandor
Molly Jackson
Nicole Levine
Dylan McDean
Hailey Mesard
Jayla Stever
Evan Sun
Zoumana Traore
Sadie Wilson
Neve Winsor
Querida Alleyne
Tianyu Chen
Juliet Drury
Sarah Eagen
Mikayla Vitiello
Madison Weis
Tracy Yin
Abigail Danso
Natalia Danyluk
Lily Grant
Annie Hallock
Nico Jorba
Islay MacGowan
Mailey Moritz
Chau Nguyen
Anne Perreten
Josh Ritter
Caroline Weld
Norah Fuld
John Bergreen
George Mendoza 
Abby Hyman
Charlie Dalvito 
Hutch Geller
Marvin Sun 
Toby Morrow 
Helen Li 
Estella Brandenberg 
Ava Raiser 
Ella Kneedler
Jess Trochio
Emma Salvatore 
Lily Slepoy 
Lilly Ainley 
Dale Campbell 
Chase Jackson 
Danny Bergin 
Dylan Sigler 
Elyse Lebrun 
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