World Culture Fest

Adventurous eaters gathered on the Class of 2022 Terrace for Millbrook’s annual World Culture Fest. International students and faculty planned menus, sourced ingredients, and then used kitchens across campus to prepare their favorite foods from home to share with the school community. An old-fashioned empanada showdown got underway as the masses eagerly lined up to fill their plates.
The impressively global menu:
  • Venezuela: Empanadas
  • Dominican Republic: Empanadas
  • Ecuador: Empanadas
  • El Salvador: Elotes Locos, Pupusas
  • Mexico: Esquites, and Birria de res
  • Nigeria: Jollof rice
  • Canada: Poutine
  • France: Croissants and Brie
  • Italy: Meatballs
  • Germany: Black Forest cake
  • America: Chocolate salted caramel cake with roasted pecans and buttercream
  • Switzerland: Sausages
  • Brazil: Brigadeiro
  • Belgium: Waffles
  • South Korea: Chicken Teriyaki Mayo rice
  • Taiwan: Bubble tea
  • Hong Kong: Stir-fried Beef Noodles
  • Mainland China: Hot pot, Yangchun noodles soup, Coca Cola chicken, Mu Xu Pork, Tangyuan
  • Puerto Rico: Arroz Con Pollo
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