Primate Evolution Master Class Debuts

Millbrook’s science offerings are always evolving. A new elective draws from Science Instructor Kerry Dore’s long-term research on primates, genetics, and evolution. Access to the primate residents of the Trevor Zoo provides a unique opportunity for student scientists to conduct high-level research on living subjects. Beyond the classroom, Dr. Dore’s ongoing work as national coordinator of a study of invasive green monkeys on the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis for the United Nations Environmental Program draws upon her expertise at the nexus of anthropology and biology.

Primate Evolution, taught in the Trevor Zoo classroom, dovetails with Dr. Dore’s research expertise, and students further benefit from the opportunity to observe and study the five resident primate species at the zoo. Biological anthropology underlies the study of genetics, natural selection, and evolution. Master class students will engage with these and other disciplines while conducting firsthand research and observing our primates.

In this master class students will gain experience with scientific research concepts that they can carry forward, including principles of classification, genetics, paleontology, and the scientific method. Combining Dr. Dore’s ongoing field research with access to the primates of the Trevor Zoo results in a high school course that cannot be replicated at any other high school!
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