J'nelle Agee '06 Summits Kilimanjaro!

J’nelle Agee ’06 was part of a trailblazing group of Black women who recently spent eight days climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The 14 women formed “Sistahs to the Summit,” becoming the largest-ever group of Black women to attain the summit, which, at 19,341 feet, is the highest freestanding mountain in the world. Talking about their experience, the women appeared on national shows including The Today Show and CBS Mornings, and J’nelle was front and center.
The group coalesced around an extended friend group of professional Black women who supported each other every step of the way. Though there were challenges posed by conditions - thin air, tent camping, and a lack of cell service to name a few - the women were well-provisioned with the kind of resilience and grit that has made them successful throughout their lives. 
A standout student at Millbrook, J’nelle is currently a senior producer with Oprah Daily. Despite her very busy work schedule, she has remained highly engaged with life at Millbrook, particularly in the DEI space and in support of students of color. This climb will surely inform some deep conversations on her next visit to campus. 
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  • Kathleen Dill
    AMAZING!!! There are those who talk and those who do, J'nelle is firmly in that latter category. I am uplifted by her ambition, confidence, compassion, example and accomplishments.