Millbrook Students Attend AZA Conference

Two Millbrook students, Charlotte Meigs '19 and Mac Grosscup '19, joined Trevor Zoo Director Alan Tousignant and Director of Zoo Programs Jessica Bennett at this year's Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Conference. The 2018 AZA Annual Conference was hosted by Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, and took place September 23-27.

"The AZA conference directly relates to what we do at the Trevor Zoo," said Ms. Bennett. "Since Millbrook is the only high school with a zoo, we requested that Mac and Charlotte could join us, and they were the only high school students in attendance." The Mustangs attended sessions that relate to new zoo policies and standards and how to best evaluate animals. Grosscup '19 attended multiple sessions on animal welfare and enrichment services, which related to his work as a "zooie" at Millbrook. "I also had the opportunity to meet researchers who are performing studies in areas similar to my own independent research project regarding training Callitrichids," he said.

Meigs '19 also returned to campus enthusiastic to apply what she had learned. "The AZA conference was an incredible experience, specifically in that I learned so much about conservation and various indivduals and groups are doing to support this effort," she said. As a "zooie" Meigs '19 also enjoyed attending sessions about animal enrichment and education because she feels that some of what she learned can be applied to her work at the Trevor Zoo. " In all, it was an absolutely unforgettable experience," she said.

"The annual AZA conference is an opportunity for the Millbrook students who attend to learn about the big picture of conservation and further their interests in the field as a career option," said Mr. Tousignant.  "Charlotte and Mac were excellent Millbrook ambassadors and came away with a greater appreciation of the work that they do daily at the Trevor Zoo and how it applies to worldwide animal conservation efforts."