Cultural Cuisine at World Culture Festival

Millbrook's annual World Culture Festival continues to be an impressive display where students can learn about the heritage of their peers and teachers through various activities and a wide selection of delicious food. The festival creates a delicious and fun opportunity to bring students together as they share some of the things that make them unique.

Among the offerings this year were savory dishes like blini and mapo tofu, desserts like chocolate mousse and bubble tea, and much more. The day wrapped (or unwrapped) with a piñata letting loose its internal goodies after a few good whacks.
While nearly all of the food was prepared by students and faculty, Millbrook welcomed two-person catering powerhouse Misto, a name meaning "mixed" in Portuguese, to share their unique and imaginative dishes. Utilizing their wide range of cooking experiences, Brazilian Wilson Costa and Ukrainian Nadia Costa take inspiration from every corner of the culinary world.