Winter Weekend In Full Swing!

Winter Weekend competition is fierce and getting fierce-r. The traditional pep rally kickoff in the gym was a maelstrom of color and sound as dorms went all-out to be the loudest and proudest. Every round of the ping pong tournament has been competitive with the finals between Farmhouse and Case to take place this afternoon in front of the entire community.
Highlit against a layer of snow covering campus, students decked out in dorm colors brighten the quad as they travel en masse between events. Winter Weekend is a cherished memory for many Millbrook alums and one of the best community-builders year after year. Results will be announced at Monday assembly.
Winter Weekend Events

Pep Rally
Dorm Banner
Ping Pong
College Bowl
Dorm Video
Whipped Cream Gum Chew Bubble Blow
Pillow Polo
Scavenger Hunt
Dorm Clean Up
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