Take a Joyride at the Warner Gallery

The Warner Gallery at the Holbrook Arts Center brings the work of world class artists down School Road. Curator Kiernan Pazdar explores relatable themes as a way to engage students in both medium and message. Earning a license to drive is a rite of passage and a milestone with many implications. New freedom collides with new responsibility, opening a wider world from within the confines of a car window.
Joyride brings together eight artists to explore the magic and menace of automobiles. Throughout the show, there is a constant shifting of perspective, like the ever-moving view out of a car's window. Monica Franciscus and Amy Chiao's sculptural works explore cars' effect on Earth's climate, while Dana Stirling and Hannah Stoll capture views that wouldn't exist without the movement of vehicles. The technology of the time has always worked itself into art making, and the car is one of the more ubiquitous yet controversial symbols of progress. With a license comes the potential for exploration, new perspectives, more freedom, and greater responsibility for oneself and the planet.                                                                                                                                                                      - Kiernan Pazdar
Featured artists:
Amy Chiao
Maeve McCool
Monica Franciscus
Aaron Feltman
Dana Stirling
Yoav Friedman
Hannah Stoll
Justin Kim
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