Millbrook Celebrates The Year of the Dragon

Millbrook welcomed the Year of the Dragon with several days of celebration and activities. Following a fireworks kickoff behind Casertano Hall, Millbrook’s international students from China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Vietnam enjoyed a dumpling party and a Spring Festival tv gala in the Class of 2018 Meeting Room in Prum Hall. The full community was treated to a traditional Chinese meal on Saturday, the first day of the Lunar New Year.
Sunday brunch featured a performance of the Guzheng, a zither-like Chinese instrument, before Chinese games were offered in the Holbrook Arts Center. VIth former Angelina Huang continued the celebration at Monday morning assembly with her stunning piano performance of Dance of Spring, composed by Sun Yiqiang.
The Chinese Zodiac ascribes resilience and confidence as traits of those born in the year of Dragon, which is celebrated every 12 years.