An Altogether Ooky Spring Musical

Preparations are in full swing for the Millbrook spring musical production of The Addams Family. As actors and dancers learn their lines and steps, the set shop is a cacophony of hammering, drilling, and sawing. Under the direction of professional set builder David Palmieri, the stage crew is hard at work creating the platforms and stage pieces that will bring the Addams’ gothic pile to life in the Chelsea Morrison Theater. Third former Charlotte Withers-Clarke and fourth former Blake Frost will bring new blood to the roles of Wednesday Addams and romantic interest Lucas Beineke as part of a fantastic ensemble cast.
Once a fixture of Millbrook’s fall play and spring musical, athletic ensemble returns for The Addams Family allowing dedicated winter sport student athletes to explore theater while maintaining their team commitments. With cooperation of coaches, theater director Elaine Lifter created roles for busy student athletes in The Addams Family, opening greater possibilities for participation and perhaps discovering the next Owen Kelley ’17.

Director: Elaine Lifter
Assistant Director: Lily Slepoy
Stage Manager: Madison Weis
Assistant Stage Manager: Licette Jaya

Gomez Addams - Oliver Jellinek 
   Understudy - Ethan Davis 
Morticia Addams - Ivy Braly 
   Understudy - Linna Du 
Wednesday Addams - Charlotte Withers-Clarke
   Understudy - Kelly Kwok 
Pugsley Addams - Ella Main
   Understudy - Chau Nguyen

Grandma - Marvelous Aderibigbe
Uncle Fester - Sally Pinchot 
Lurch - Anna Alphonso 
Mal Beineke - Josh Ritter 
Alice Beineke - Olivia Biller 
Lucas Beineke - Blake Frost  

Ancestors - Ethan Davis, Selena Hung, Danielle Woodin, Chau Nguyen, Nashle Urgiles, Nya Johnson, Kelly Kwok, Elena Shan, Linna Du, Andrea Taitt 

Athletic Ensemble - King Kumahlor, Jillian Smith, Jaicee Downs,. Lilliah Tambourine, Jess Trocchio

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