Model UN at Millbrook

Millbrook’s Model UN recognized National Human Rights Day by holding a conference for Dutchess Day and Indian Mountain middle schoolers who traveled to Millbrook to increase their understanding of world issues and the mission of the United Nations. Hosted by VIth formers Christina Bellin, Juliet Drury, Ava Raiser, and others, the middle school visitors explored possibilities for world peace through cooperation and diplomacy while gaining experience into the workings of Model UN.

Middle schoolers were divided into groups representing various organizations: Disarmament and International Security (DISEC) wrote resolutions to solve drone usage in warfare, the World Health Organization (WHO) discussed medical aid in conflict zones, and the Crisis Committee discussed the bubonic plague. A handful of students in each group won honors and certificates of recognition for their achievements.

Though Millbrook participated in regional Model UN meetings in the past, Christina and Juliet founded a club that meets on a regular basis. Last year’s event introduced Dutchess Day students to Model UN and to provide some experience before the actual conferences later in the year. Christina’s CES (Culminating Experience for Seniors), was the expansion of the Millbrook conference to include Indian Mountain School.
“We decided that the goal of the conference should again be to learn and become comfortable with Model UN so everyone is prepared for later conferences,” said Christina, “Overall, the conference was really successful. We had 3 committees this year, with 6 moderators from Millbrook, plus Juliet and I running some behind the scenes stuff.”
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