Colhoun Academic Center Provides Resources for All Students

The Colhoun Academic Center is one of several on-campus resources designed to support academic success at Millbrook. Attentive faculty can easily identify and address learning differences and difficulties and direct students to any or all three tiers of readily available academic support.Extra help offers daily scheduled access to teachers where lower-level issues and concerns may be addressed. Millbrook’s student tutors, or S’Tutors, can deliver more intensive and specific support in weekly Wednesday night meetings. For thorough, holistic academic support, the Colhoun Academic Center provides tailored one-on-one tutoring and instruction from experienced professional educators in every field of study.

Housed in a cozy and welcoming spot beneath the Flagler Memorial Chapel, the academic center offers support across all subjects and levels. Services are infinitely scalable and easy to align with individual student needs. The personal connection between tutor and student practically guarantees great outcomes. After serving as international language classrooms for many years, the space was renovated and updated to become the Colhoun Academic Center in 2012 named in honor of alum Trevor Colhoun ’95 and his family. Above and beyond classwork, the center helps prep students for standardized tests, work on general reading and writing proficiency, and hone study skills.
With countless years of experience in higher education, the Colhoun staff meets students where they are and helps them to build the skills to take them where they hope to go.
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