Millbrook's Annual Science Symposium

For a school with a robust science curriculum, the annual Science Symposium is our Super Bowl. The event is an opportunity for students across all levels to showcase mini-lessons, present interactive content about key course concepts, and educate audiences on research topics studied all year long.

The hallways are filled with students from classes such as Forensics, Field Biology, Animal Behavior, and Environmental Science. Each station provides opportunity for attendees to dive deeper into thoughtful and educational topics that demonstrate that our students are utilizing all of our educational spaces on campus, like the zoo, the canopy walkway, and the farm, to understand concepts well enough to be able to teach them to others. Scattered throughout the classrooms of the Frederick C. Hamilton Math and Science Building are culminating presentations from students in our Independent Science Research class. These students spent the year doing college-level research on topics of their choosing. The class represents the pinnacle of the science curriculum at Millbrook and year after year the topics continue to represent a varied set of impressive and complex topics. The complete list of ISR presentations can be found below.
Abby Ainley - The Relationship Between Self-Esteem and Acne
Alex Fraser - Light and Fruit Fly (Drosophila melanogaster) Circadian Rhythm: Effects on Eclosion and Epigenetics
Caitlyn Rodeo - The Relationship Between the Physical Activity Environment and Perceived Cognitive Health
Evelynn Najork - The Effect of North American Beavers (Castor canadensis) on Water Quality in Freshwater Streams
Gale Zhang - How Leopard Geckos’ Personality Scores Affect Their Mating and Interacting Behavior
Gavin Marr - Fungi Inoculation of Spider Plants (Chlorophytum comosum) and its Effects on the Resistance to Excess Nitrogen
Guanhua He - The Relationship Between People’s Dietary Habits and Climate Change at Millbrook School
James Deng - The Effects of Enriched Rotifers on the Heat Resistance of Spotted Mushroom Coral (Actinodiscus sp.)
Lily Herman - The Effect of Music on Behavior and Fecal Corticosterone Concentrations in Black and White Ruffed Lemurs (Varecia variegata)
Olivia Bouscaud - Improving Animal Enrichment Using Technology
Precious Esielem - The Analysis of Psychological Challenges of Attending the Predominantly White Millbrook School As a Racially Diverse Student
Tom Powell - Design of a Model Rocket Flight Computer
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