Millbrook Playwrights Shine in Page To Stage

Millbrook’s Playwriting class held an evening of staged readings at the Chelsea Morrison Theater with one standout piece selected for full production in the 2022-2023 school year. Anya Rule’s Eloquent Crimes will come to life on the same stage that she has deftly managed for so many Millbrook productions. Characters were brought to life by members of the school community, including faculty guest stars.
The class presented the following:
by Matthew Ursini
Does money create happiness?
excerpt: p. 8 - 9
Volleyball Season
by Kate Peek
How can you help someone who does not want help?
Rune of Liberating Souls
by Nick Chen
Where do people go after they die?
excerpts: p. 4- 5, p.11- 16
Lake Party Bash Turns South                               
by Fabrizio Mazzarelli
Will Chad and his father come to an agreement, or will they go their separate ways?
excerpts: p.3 p.9 p. 13-14
Eloquent Crimes
by Anya Rule
Who decides what is wrong and right? good and bad?
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