On The Farm

Casertano Hall diners are already enjoying kale and lettuce from Millbrook’s Farm as work gets underway for another productive season. Radishes and onions are expected soon and the newly-built raised beds currently beneath the hoop greenhouse are full of life. The hoop, known affectionately as ‘Rolling Thunder’ for the sound it makes when moved, has significantly lengthened the growing season and made it possible for greater variety in crops. Rolling Thunder is relocated every year to refresh the soil that has been undercover and to eradicate pests, fungus, and anything else that has happily thrived in the hospitable conditions under the hoop. Exposure to rain, snow, and frost is very important to maintaining healthy soil and growing conditions.
Student farmers are gathering dead plants and yard waste from throughout the farm and filling new boxes with plant waste, paper recyclables, and topsoil. Work is also underway on an aesthetically consistent brick pathway through the planters. Life is good in the greenhouse and beyond.
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