Connecting International Students Through Remote Learning

Ongoing uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact Millbrook’s international students as the fall term rolls on. Faculty have worked tirelessly to address technical issues and thoughtfully to create an inclusive environment despite the realities of time and distance. Designated staff in each department have been conducting remote classes for those unable to come to campus due to travel restrictions. Teaching remotely requires additional skill sets, and the lessons learned should benefit all students during the upcoming term of intentional remote learning.
As international student coordinators, Eleni Stefanopoulos, Peggy Malec, and Wei Guo are in regular contact with all international remote learners. “The international students are a very resilient group,” said Ms. Stefanopoulos. “They have often overcome many obstacles and challenges in order to come to the US and study in person in the first place,” she added. “Now that they are remote, they continue to remain focused on the goals that they have set for themselves and their academic trajectory at Millbrook.”
For students in China and Vietnam, the 12-hour time difference presents unique challenges to synchronous learning. “We encourage them to join our weekly assemblies, weekly advisory meetings with individual advisors, and even some Friday clubs and Saturday morning programming,” said Mr. Guo. Remote learners have also introduced themselves, virtually, to their classmates and shared favorite experiences and photos. Many find motivation in the hope that they will soon return to campus and enjoy all of what makes Millbrook, Millbrook.
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