Who's New at the Trevor Zoo?

Nash is one of the newest residents of the Trevor Zoo. The one-year-old male North American river otter has been gradually introduced to his expansive new habitat and also to its other resident, Kassie, a nearly 14-year-old otter.
The Trevor Zoo is known for its otter habitat unique to the membership of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), an accrediting entity that monitors and certifies health and safety conditions for animals in captivity. Otters thrive at the Trevor Zoo because they live as they do in the wild, in a flowing stream with abundant food and full participation in the ecosystem. Nash comes to Millbrook from the National Zoo in Washington, DC and seems to be enjoying the change of scene.
AZA members participate in the Species Survival Plan, a program that monitors and manages diverse captive animal populations with the goal of maintaining species diversity and survival. Nash was destined for the Trevor Zoo before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic but was delayed until safe transfer could be made. Introducing Nash to his new habitat was a gradual process which included a quarantine period during which he absorbed his new surroundings, exposure to his new habitat, and eventual introduction to Kassie.
Otters have been in residence at the Trevor Zoo since 1972. Though no otters have been born at the Trevor Zoo, and the age gap may be an issue in this matchup, there’s always hope when a new introduction is made.
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