Counseling Center On Schedule

Construction on Millbrook’s new counseling center is well underway and on schedule for a spring opening. Occupying the space between the Barn and the west end of Prum Hall, the new nearly-2000 square-foot building will be mainly occupied by Millbrook’s counseling staff and include a common room available for students to use for group work related to mental health.
“We are excited to have broken ground this past summer on the counseling center. Mental and emotional help is paramount during these challenging times,” said Nancy Stahl, director of advancement. “Because of several generous donors, we are able to build this facility that will enhance our program and school life for our community and for every individual.”
The emotional well-being of the student body is vitally important, and the central location on campus and the accessibility of the new counseling center convey the care and attention that is available to all.
“I am so looking forward to being in a space where we can provide optimum care to meet the mental health needs of our students and make a difference in young people’s lives,” said Director of Counseling Sarah Stanton ’89. “Right when they walk in the door, they will know they are in a warm, safe place and feel a sense of comfort and care so that they can be the best student that they can be.”