Fall Play: The Crucible

Wringing opportunity from adversity, this year’s fall play will come to life as a short film to be crewed, directed, and acted largely beyond the walls of the Chelsea Morrison Theater. Arthur Miller’s The Crucible has been reimagined by Millbrook's Director of Theater Elaine Lifter and will essentially be a live theater performance captured on film, similar to a recent television broadcast of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton.
At its core, The Crucible is concerned with the damage done to society by the dissemination and acceptance of lies and half-truths. The inability to stage the play in a traditional theater setting due to ongoing requirements for social distancing has forced the department to get creative with locations and production. Over the course of three days, professional filmmaker Andrew Merelis will work with students using multiple cameras to shoot in four select locations around campus. Mr. Merelis will then work remotely with students to edit the performances together into an hour-long piece to be shown on campus as a Friday night activity followed by a Q & A with the cast and crew.
Assistant Directors Merilee Weil ’21 and Stephen Peschel ’22 will coordinate several crews of student filmmakers and then assemble the work into four acts to capture the essence of the original play. Multiple camera angles capturing scenes in Millbrook locations unique to this production will result in a one-of-a-kind adaptation of the play well-suited to the times.
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