Show up, Turn it in, Turn it up!

As the third week of classes comes to an end, we reflect upon the start of Millbrook's 89th school year. Opening days were filled with warm welcomes for familiar faces returning after summer vacation, and a new class of eager and motivated IIIrd formers ready to embark on their high school career. In his convocation address, Acting Headmaster Jon Downs '98 urged Millbrook's community and students to "Show up, turn it in, and turn it up," and everyone has been following suit!
After arriving on campus, in true Millbrook fashion our newest community members took a traditional trek through the marshes. There is no better way to get acquainted with our approach to hands-on learning and to get familiar with our vast 800-acre campus than to walk hand-in-hand in the chest and neck-deep water of the marsh. With a bit of trepidation, they slid into the murky water, but they were quickly acclimated to the brisk temperature. In the end everyone was all smiles, happy to have this shared experience over which to bond.
Millbrook's opening Convocation ceremony looked very much the same as it has in recent years, with international flags lining the chapel and students in their formal dress. The difference this year was in the opening address - from Acting Headmaster Jon Downs '98, as Headmaster Casertano continues to enjoy time on sabbatical. Sharing a relatable story of his own time at Millbrook and his experiences after, Mr. Downs urged everyone to approach each other and new situations without bias. In Millbrook's year of integrity, he shared his own interpretation of one of Millbrook's core values. Finally, he urged the community to put forth their best self and remember to, "Show up, turn it in, turn it up."
In the days and weeks that followed Convocation, Millbrook's community has settled into a familiar groove. Science classes are learning in the mud of the marsh and in the treetops of the canopy. Community service members are starting to harvest the fruits of their labor in the Millbrook Farm and learn the good, bad, and dirty of caring for endangered animals in the Trevor Zoo. Friendships are forming or growing, Mustang teams are bringing home wins, and teachers are collecting those uber perfect paragraphs. The campus is alive with energy and optimism, and we look forward to what the school year has in store.

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