Opening Days!

Students, faculty, and staff are on campus for the start of classes and Opening Days traditions. All signs point to the best year yet.

In traditional Millbrook fashion, the first few days have included warm welcomes and many meaningful activities meant to bring dormmates, classmates, and schoolmates together.
Returning student leaders arrived just after Labor Day to prepare with faculty and train in the dorms, zoo, and farm. All of our returning students were ready to greet the newest Mustangs on Thursday, and that afternoon the entire student body participated in Orientation, which included roaming the entire campus for our annual scavenger hunt. The community formally welcomed new students at the First Night ceremony on Thursday evening, with Chaplain Hardy addressing students and faculty, and the community joining in singing traditional hymns. The community then gathered in the Chelsea Morrison Theater for Fall Welcome, which brought our first day to a close.

By today classes, community service, and athletics were underway, and the excitement and bustle will continue throughout the weekend, with students taking to the outdoors on our 800-acre campus for a variety of activities, including a special IIIrd form walk through the marshes and stargazing! 
Now is a very good time to be a Millbrook student, and we look forward enthusiastically to sharing so much more good news this year!