Millbrook Welcomes Artist and Professor Robert Knight

Millbrook welcomed artist and Hamilton college professor Robert Knight to campus on April 9.
Professor Knight was brought to Millbrook through the generosity of the John Berkey Class of 1991 Visiting Artists series, which was created with the goal of bringing professional artists to campus.
Photographs and sculpture from Knight's body of work, Transnational, are currently on view in the Flagler Memorial Chapel. Transnational is a multimedia project that examines the role of religious spaces in local communities, like Knight's hometown in central New York, as well as around the globe. 
Knight began the project in 2013 when he created a documentary film, In God’s House, which examined the impact of immigration on various religious communities in Utica, NY. During this time, Knight began taking photographs of religious spaces, and he continued his work through 2015 both in the United States and abroad. The final result is a series of photographs, sculpture, and sound recordings that tell stories of spaces in religious spaces in transition. In the Flager Memorial Chapel students encounter different religious, spiritual and non-denominational celebrations, meditations, and events; it is an especially fitting venue for this exhibit.

“Since many of our students are separated from their home places of worship, and are, in a sense, immigrants to our sanctuary of the Flagler Chapel, the pictures present an added element of sacredness to the space from many perspectives. They are educational as well as meditative,” said Reverend Cam Hardy.
On April 9th, student photographers, playwrights, and painters gathered in the Chapel to hear Professor Knight speak and ask him questions about the work and the way he makes art. Arts department chair, Sarah MacWright remarked, “Professor Knight’s visit made an impact on our students. In April and May these students are working on their own final projects for the end of the year student show, Holbrook Made, and for Page to Stage, a reading of student-written plays. They are thinking about their interests, what motivates them, and what strikes their curiosity. To get this special insight into Professor Knight’s process, his work, and the curiosity that has guided him from project to project comes at the perfect time.”

Transnational will be on display in the Flagler Memorial Chapel through April 27.