Millbrook Hosts First Annual Golden Lips A Cappella Competition

Millbrook welcomed Kent to the Chelsea Morrison Theater for the first annual Golden Lips a cappella competition on Saturday, April 7th.
Vocal director and the creative brain behind the new event, Mr. Raciti, served as narrator. He set the tone for the evening with an enthusiastic speech and by welcoming the “wall of noise,” which was a group of students playing various instruments and using different noise-makers to encourage the audience to join in the fun raucous.
After the excitement settled, Mr. Raciti used an oversized golden dice to pick groups for performing at random, and the Millbrook Singers were chosen to open the evening. They brought a strong performance, singing Waters of March and Ain’t No Sunshine.
The Kentones, Kent’s male vocal group, took the stage next and performed classic tunes, including Brown Eyed Girl and Working on the Railroad. They were followed by Kent’s female vocal group, The Kentettes, who started with I Lived, and concluded with a high-energy performance of Turn the Beat Around.
The groups were judged by singers from the  Berklee College of Music's premier vocal group, who also headlined the event. They brought high-energy, outstanding vocal ability, and beatboxing to the stage, serenading the audience with tunes including The Way, Midnight, and I Wish.
After receiving a standing ovation, they left the stage and the judging results were shared, with the Kentettes earning first place, Millbrook Singers coming in at second place, and Kentones taking third.
“I was so impressed by the wonderful positivity emanating from all of the competing groups, as well as the audience,” said Mr. Raciti. “We could not have asked for a better start to this new Millbrook event, and we’re already looking forward to next year.”
Congratulations to all involved, and thank you again to Berklee College of Music for joining us!