Warner Gallery Features Exquisite Portrait Exhibition

The Warner Gallery is currently featuring a multi-media art exhibition titled, Exquisite Portrait. The exhibition is the result of a collaboration between Millbrook art students and faculty, and professional artist and mask maker Brynna Bloomfield
Originated in the 1920s, the exercise "cadavre exquis" or "exquisite corpse," produces a group-created composite drawing, and our Exquisite Portrait exhibition draws its name from this surrealist pastime. The project began during a Playwriting course when Millbrook playwrights developed written character sketches. Those character sketches were passed on to three more classes: Abstraction and Mixed Media, 3D Design, and Digital Photography. 

The characters, which were born from the imaginations of our student-playwrights, were then invented and reinvented in each subsequent course, and are now together in the Warner Gallery in the culminating exhibit.

Brynna Bloomfield, who was brought to us through the generosity of the John Berkey Class of 1991 Visiting Artists Program, joined students on campus throughout the project to work with them on their mask-making skills, as well as to help design and critique the exhibition. 

The exhibition is not only a celebration of the artworks themselves and everything that the students learned, but also of collaboration, as this project grew organically within the walls of the Holbrook Arts Center; a benefit of having all Millbrook arts courses under one roof.

The exhibit will run through April 4th.

Click here to learn more about the arts at Millbrook and our online photo gallery for images from the exhibition.