Edward Opoku '15 Chosen in 2nd Round of the MLS Draft

On Friday, January 19th, Edward Opoku '15 was chosen as the 32nd overall pick in the MLS draft. He joins team Columbus Crew in Columbus, Ohio!

There to celebrate with him was his extended Millbrook family, including the McWilliamses and the Lang-Assaels. Longtime faculty members Rick and Cindy McWilliams and former board member Christina Lang have hosted Edward at their homes and became his American family since his arrival to the U.S. in 2011.

Edward came to Millbrook through the Right to Dream Foundation, an organization that works in Ghana and other African countries to bring the most talented soccer athletes to schools in the United States and United Kingdom. Education and character development are at the core of their program. Millbrook parent John Powers (Kerry '04 and Courtney '02) is chairman of Right to Dream USA and was instrumental in bringing Edward and Baki Bawa '14 to Millbrook. Today, Millbrook proudly hosts four more Right to Dream athletes: Ousseni '19, Suwaibatu '19, Adelaide '19, and Jalia '21. Millbrook was the first school to host the very first female class of Right to Dream athletes in the U.S.

Since graduating from Millbrook in 2015, Edward has had an outstanding soccer career at the University of Virginia, where he was named to multiple conference and All-American teams. We are so proud of his successes and cannot wait to follow his professional career in Columbus!

Click here for more information about the draft and Edward's career. You can also read Edward's speech below:

This is a big stage for me, for a kid who had nothing. Being here in front of everyone is a pleasure for me, and I feel so fortunate. I want to thank Columbus Crew for the opportunity – for believing in me and drafting me. I will go there and be humble and make the most of the opportunity I’ve been given. I will continue to work hard, to learn, every minute that I get to work with those amazing players there.
I want to thank Right to Dream, for everything they’ve done for me. Tom Vernon – you’ve done amazing things for me ever since picking me up from the dirt in a small town in Ghana. Now being here in front of you guys—it’s a privilege for me. It’s emotional…very emotional for me. But I want to say a big, “Thank you!”
To my host families [McWilliamses and Lang-Assaels], you’ve done so much for me since I came to the U.S. I’ve gone through a lot, and you’ve been there for me every minute. I want to say a big thank you, and I love you guys.
I know my mom isn’t watching, but I wish she was. She does so much for me, and I know that she is proud of me. I will continue to make her proud and be thankful for the opportunity.
I want to thank Generation Adidas for the opportunity to be here, and I’ll continue to work hard and improve as a player.
And I can’t go without thanking Millbrook School and Virginia as well, for the great opportunities you’ve given me. For a kid who didn’t start school until the age of 10…I’m able to stand here, speak great English, and be the young man who I am today. I want to say a big “Thank you!” to you guys.

And go Columbus! Thank you so much!