A Fantastic Fall Arts Night!

The Millbrook community enjoyed the first Arts Night of the 2017-2018 academic year on October 27th. The event included a creative lineup of vocal, dance, music, and improvisation performances.

Kerry Carr '18 and John McGuinness '19 led the audience through the evening, and were exceptionally articulate hosts.

The event started with three different choreography performances. Vocal students then took to the stage to perform songs of multiple music genres.

"A stand-out performance came from Brooke Egerton-Warburton '19, who demonstrated both excellent mic technique and a wonderful ability to engage the audience," said Vocal Music Director Joseph Raciti.

The music that accompanied the vocal performances was also arranged and performed by students. The evening concluded with performance portfolio monologues and a performance from Millbrook's improvisation students.

"Excellent focus and strong characterization was demonstrated by all of the actors," said Director of Theater Elaine Lifter.

The evening showcased the many talents of our students and was enjoyed by all! Visit our photo gallery and Millbrook in Motion for photos and video from the event.