NYC BalletCollective In Residency at Millbrook's Holbrook Arts Center

BalletCollective, a company that brings together artists, writers, composers, choreographers, and designers to collaborate through the creation of distinctive works of art, has been in residency at Millbrook since October 18th.

Millbrook's Director of Dance Leighann Kowalsky was incredibly excited to welcome these New York City Ballet principals into our studio space to create and finalize their newest works. Students were also thrilled, as they were able to have the unique opportunity of observing open rehearsals and interviewing the professional dancers.

Founded by Troy Schumacher in 2010, BalletCollective's works are intimate and reflective yet accessible, featuring a highly accomplished group of dancers in works that are made for them. At the heart of BalletCollective lies process. Artists from different genres come together and express ideas that are important to them individually; but as a group—a collective—they are encouraged to think outside of what it is they usually do. Each work's creative life does not end at performance, but continues to be re-conceived as long as the work continues to be performed.

“Our professional dance studio makes these types of opportunities possible, and it is exciting for our entire community, and our dance students in particular, to be able to observe and learn from real-world dancers,” said Kowalsky. “It is an honor to host BalletCollective, and exciting to build curriculum around their residency."

BalletCollective's 2017 season will include its residency here at Millbrook,and a performance at the NYU Skirball Center of Translation; a performance that explores the rapid evolution of communication. The performance will also include the premier of two new ballets choreographed by Schumacher and Gabrielle Lamb, both set to original and commissioned scores that will be performed live by members of the musical ensemble The Knights.

For more information about the residency or about BalletCollective please contact Leighann Kowalsky at