Given Millbrook’s campus location and expanding farm, Botany was a natural addition to Millbrook’s scientific course offerings.
This semester-long course is taught by the newest member of the Science Department, Leigh Schmitt, who has taught environmental science and biology for 20 years and has degrees in plant and soil sciences and conservation biology. 

The class, an introduction to the scientific study of plants through a project-based curriculum, starts with a lesson on “woody plant” taxonomy, and students learn to classify various plants on campus while creating visuals including maps, artwork, short documentaries, and models. 

The second half of the semester is dedicated to studying cover crops on Millbrook’s farm and sustainable agriculture. Millbrook’s cover crops protect and enrich the soil while also yielding food—such as legumes and radishes—that are served and enjoyed in the dining hall. 

Botany will continue to present opportunities to literally dig deeper into topics including agriculture, forest ecology, plant-based diets, and more. 

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