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Respect, integrity, service, stewardship, and curiosity are Millbrook’s core values. It is no accident that service is at the center of those values, as it has been a vital component to the Millbrook experience since 1931. Millbrook students own the culture of the campus, and community service is a large part of that ownership. 

Community service is built right into the schedule at Millbrook. Four days per week, for a total of 2 hours, students and faculty devote time to helping the school "run," but it's common for students to volunteer considerable time beyond the built-in community service periods. Whether feeding the endangered red wolves at night or taking a Bright Nights Run into Poughkeepsie to provide food and comfort to those in need, service extends far beyond the dedicated blocks in any given day.

Service is perfectly expressed in our motto–Non Sibi Sed Cunctis (not for onself, but for all)– so it is no surprise that one of our most honored traditions is the awarding of the Community Service Cup to a deserving senior at commencement each year.

IVth, Vth, and VIth form students remain with a community service for the entire academic year. IIIrd form students participate in three different services on a rotating basis. These students will spend approximately ten weeks in each of the following services: the zoo, recycling, and gardening.

Millbrook offers a wide variety of community service opportunities. Click below to learn more about our current offerings.

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  • Admission

    Selected students will serve the as Head Tour Guides in the Admission Office.  They work closely with Admission staff, and among their primary duties is organizing campus tours for prospective students. Head Tour Guides (HTGs) are depended on to give many tours during their free periods, as well as help to notify other students of their upcoming tours and make announcements in assemblies. HTGs assist in Revisit Days and other admission events. This position is for those interested in being heavily depended on by the admission office, as well as in being prepared for future leadership positions on/around campus.  Faculty: Ms.Spinella + Mr. Arndt
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  • Alumni & Development

    This position is for a self-starter and will often be required to work independently during the CS designated times. We would look for it to become an Alumni & Development designated leadership role for a VI Form student. Student would work with the Director of the Annual Fund (Mrs. Vanecek) and have responsibility for leading the VI Form class transition from student to alumni. This student will graduate with the title of Class Agent. Student/s will need to have strong communication skills, to be comfortable in a leadership role, and to have a good understanding of Google Sheets, LinkedIn, and technology in general. This position is filled for 2017-2018.  Faculty: Mrs. Vanecek
  • Athletics Schedule Monitor

    This community service involves cross referencing Millbrook’s athletic events with other schools. The person selected for this service would utilize information from the web to confirm athletic event dates and times, and report any and all discrepancies to Mr. Krauss. Faculty: Mr. Krauss
  • Attendance

    This Community Service will co-ordinate assembly, forum, chapel talk, and formal dinner attendance.  Members also serve as deans’ assistants to the Academic Office and the Dean of Student’s office.  The service takes on two additional mission-based initiatives each year. Faculty: Ms.Havard
  • The Barn

    This service focuses on maintaining a positive, healthy, and enjoyable experience for students in the Barn and on the weekends.  This community service group is responsible for the upkeep of the Barn during peak hours and will hold their peers accountable for keeping the space well-kept.  Barn monitors will be tasked with developing ideas and regulations to help maintain the upkeep of the Barn.  Monitors will commit to two nights of week before study hall of Barn duty in which they make sure that the regulations of the Barn are upheld and the space is cleaned.  They will also help set up the Barn for events when called upon. Faculty: Mr. Goodwin
  • Childcare

    Students in this service will care for faculty children when faculty are attending to school responsibilities. Thursday night faculty meetings and Saturday morning classes are obvious area of need but others may be identified once the service is up and running. Students will need to interview, submit a reference and receive training.  Faculty: Mr. Smith
  • College Counseling

    Students in this service play a role in supporting the ongoing and critical process of informing students about opportunities for their post-Millbrook educational plans.  In doing so, engaging with peers is essential and an integral part of the college counseling community service.   The student(s) in this service should enjoy helping others, be well-organized, and have an interest in public speaking, communicating with peers, and engaging the Millbrook community to think broadly about college.  Faculty: Mrs. Hurley
  • Community Service Council

    The student members of the Community Service help run Millbrook’s long standing Community Service Program. If students are found to struggle to perform in his/her service, they will meet with the CSC to discuss this and troubleshoot. As such, this service only meets on an as-needed basis and will be a second community service for students that volunteer.
  • Conservation Intelligence Agency (CIA)

    This community service will attempt to heighten awareness of our current conservation efforts, both successes and failures.  Students will monitor dorms and campus buildings for appropriate recycling habits and energy usage, inform the recycling community service when bins are missing or could be more visible, gather data regarding energy usage and communicate our findings and recommendations to the appropriate parties (maintenance, dorm heads, recycling), and finally incentivize the community to improve conservation efforts by providing frequent updates in assembly about which dorms are doing the best job at conservation. Faculty: Mrs. Clizbe
  • Current Events

    Students will work together to inform and educate their peers about events in the world outside Millbrook School. Each student will write summaries of the news surrounding noteworthy topics, including helpful links and varying opinions. These summaries will be shared weekly with the community via email and other methods to be determined by the group.  To participate, students should be eager to read and write daily for the greater good and education of the Millbrook community. Faculty: Mr. Raciti

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  • Dog Walking

    Students in this service would walk the dogs of faculty members. Students will receive training prior to working with the dogs. Faculty members will submit requests to the student leader of this service who will distribute responsibilities among the students. Faculty: Mr. Williams
  • Dorm Leaders

    Selected by the faculty, these student leaders provide essential support for maintaining a safe and healthy environment in the dormitories to which they are assigned. Faculty: Mr. Skoglund + Mr.Sorriento/ Dorm Heads
  • Environmental Council

    Environmental Council promotes sustainability by integrating environmental stewardship into programs, policies, and activities on campus. The Council recommends and implements projects that support our mission of stewardship of the natural world and goal of carbon neutrality, which could include energy efficiency and conservation, community awareness and involvement, and renewable energy initiatives. The Council is composed of students, faculty, and staff. Each dorm will have a representative on the Council, who serves as a liaison to enhance community involvement. These students will have a real and meaningful impact on the school in both the short and long-term. The community service may sometimes meet outside the regular community service periods. Faculty: Mr. Cox
  • Fire Safety

    Want to help keep our buildings all safe?  Want to learn about all of the buildings on campus?  Want to perform a very important service for the community?  If you answered yes to any of these then the Fire Safety community service may be for you.  This service checks emergency lights, fire extinguishers, emergency exits, student rooms for safety, reports problems to maintenance, and makes periodic safety announcements. Faculty: Mr. MacKenzie
  • Gardening/Greenhouse

    Millbrook maintains a state-of-the-art mobile greenhouse which supports our commitment to community gardening, composting, and hands-on work. We are growing our own produce and delivering it to our dining hall. Also, we are working on a first stage of establishing Millbrook School Farm. Required of all IIIrd formers, this service is also open to all upperformers. Faculty: Mrs.Pope/Mr.Bergstedt
  • Hamilton Math and Science Center

    Students in this service help serve a dual role in the Hamilton Math and Science Center.  First, they assist the Science Department in maintaining its laboratories and equipment, along with setting-up laboratory experiments whenever needed.  Additionally, students will prepare and maintain displays, as well as care and maintain classroom spaces throughout the facility. Faculty: Mrs.Bergstedt + Mrs. LaCosse
  • Harris-Kenan Language Center

    Students in this service will work closely with the staff of the World Language Department to oversee the operation and maintenance of the Harris-Kenan Language Center. Duties will include downloading international news programming, updating the bulletin boards, and taking physical care of the space.
  • Headwaiters

    Students who are a part of this service are important to the smooth, efficient functioning of the dining hall. Their work includes, but is not limited to, making sure that students assigned to dishwashing and food serving do their jobs properly and well. This service is a good place to test and develop leadership skills. NOTE:  Duty consists of one day each week: a breakfast meal and a dinner meal.  This position is NOT available to III and IV formers.
  • Holbrook Arts Center

    This service provides students with an interest in any element of the arts to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones. Those who are a part of this service will play critical and direct roles in supporting the needs of this multi-faceted facility. You will help to maintain the studio art, music, ceramics, set design, costume, and dance rooms, as well as the Warner Gallery, the Murray Photo Studio, and the Morrison Theater. One student will be assigned the responsibility of printing materials for the community. Faculty: Mr. Hardy/Ms.MacWright/Mr.Siktberg
  • Holbrook Technology

    Students in this service will develop the skills to monitor and run the sound and lighting devices in the Chelsea Morrison Theater. The tech crew is responsible for audio and video presentations in the theater throughout the year. These vary from assemblies, chapel talks, and forums to random special events. While the obligations during the CS block tend to be light, this service requires frequent work in the evenings and weekends when many of these events occur. In addition to the work this community service does to support Forums, Chapel Talks, Guest Speakers, etc. Faculty: Ms. Lifter

List of 10 items.

  • Library

    The library community service will be responsible for creating displays, planning and promoting library events, and writing book reviews to promote reading on campus. These students will help librarians make decisions about which new books to buy and how to decorate the library for holidays and special themed months. The library will also be hosting some special events next year in the evenings, and the library community service will help with both generating ideas and planning the events.
  • Literacy Connections

    Students will volunteer in the Northeast Dutchess and Poughkeepsie communities on literacy needs.  Its current project is tutoring adult English language learners at ESL classes in Pawling and Millbrook.  There are openings for two student leaders to head the group as their community service obligation. They will attend ESL weekly, publicize the club’s efforts and recruit new members, and assist in creating curricular material. This is filled for 2017-2018. Faculty: Mrs. Havard
  • Mills Athletic Center

    This group performs a number of duties that keep the Mills Athletic Center functional for our students, faculty, and guests. From cleaning and organizing the weight room to processing team uniforms, we work with the athletic department to better serve our community. Other duties include preparing the basketball court, squash courts, and lobby for game day activities.  Faculty: Mr. Krauss
  • Outreach

    We educate the members of the school community about human service needs that exist beyond the campus, and we help address some of those needs in the local area; we have collected and distributed used clothing and nonperishable food, and we have engaged in fundraising for charities. We have worked with Astor Home of Rhinebeck and Dutchess Outreach. We also participate in the NYC Midnight Run Program, Crop Walk and organized donations to Kiva. Faculty: Ms.Gatski/Rev. Hardy
  • Peer Counselors

    These select students provide essential support by way of peer counseling in the dormitories to which they are assigned, and in addition they work closely with the Human Development facilitators. Faculty: Ms. Matthews/Mr. Atlas/Rev. Hardy/Mr. Hart/Mrs. Arndt/Mrs. Krauss
  • Photography

    This student will be responsible for photographing and editing student artwork for competition entries, summer program applications and documentation for the school. The student may choose to work outside of the community service block. He or she should have strong working knowledge of camera settings including aperture, shutter speed and ISO, Camera Raw edits in Photoshop, and continuous studio lighting. Ideally this student will have his or her own camera, but it will be possible to use a school camera if not. This position is filled for 2017-2018. Faculty: Ms. MacWright
  • Post Office

    This community service is in charge of the student Post Office and the sorting of mail and labeling of packages. Some students will sort mail and label packages during community service periods and some students will have the opportunity to substitute in the afternoon if their schedule allows.  Faculty: Mr. Connolly/Mrs. Fuller
  • Printing

    This student handles print requests from the community, including large and medium format prints from the two Epson printers in the photo studio. This student should be either familiar or willing to learn how to use each printer and file types/sizes. He or she is also responsible for communicating with faculty members who make requests. This work can be completed during the CS block or during the student’s free time. Attention to detail is a must!  This position is filled for 2017-2018. Faculty: Ms. MacWright
  • Recycling

    As a community we consume—and waste—an incredible number of resources such as paper, food, fuel and electricity. The mission of this service is facilitate the proper disposal of recyclable materials. The challenge is great, but even greater is the opportunity to make a significant difference in how, as a community, we make use of our resources. Join with us in one of Millbrook’s biggest and most active services, one which is particularly well-suited for day students because we have no night or weekend responsibilities. Faculty: Mr. Powers
  • School Store

    The service in the school store meets twice a week, typically once during the morning and once at night, to operate the cash register, to fold clothes, to help to restock items, and to assist the adult staff with projects from time to time. Faculty: Mrs. Feigelson
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