College Counseling

At Millbrook, we are fortunate to have a variety of learning media that serve as a platform to teach academic, personal, and social skills, decision making, and respect. At a time when our society is at a moral crossroad, we cherish the many opportunities through which we can help students reflect on their own character development and the ethical implications of their actions. The college counseling program is one of these potential learning experiences.
College counseling at Millbrook is process-oriented. Despite the fact that many people often fixate on the product, the substance of our program is in the journey of self-discovery. Bombarded by the media and daunting shelves of college books in every bookstore, students can often start this process overwhelmed, fearful of rejection, and anxious about living up to expectations.
With the ultimate goal being for students to emerge from their experience feeling confident and empowered, the college process starts with numerous activities designed to aid students in identifying their strengths, weaknesses, interests, and goals.
To achieve the goals of the college counseling program, advisors begin discussions about character and priorities in the fourth form year. In the fifth form year students are assigned their college counselor and begin meeting individually, in small classes, and as a whole form. This preliminary work is critical in laying the foundation from which we build as we talk more distinctively about college. In the sixth form year the small classes and individual meetings continue as the students complete their applications.
There are certainly deadlines that must be respected, essays, and recommendations to be written, and forms to fill out; however, what characterizes the College Counseling Office is the contact we have with students and the joy of helping a young adult find independence, initiative, and confidence.
If you have any questions about the college counseling program or any questions in general, please do not hesitate to contact the College Counseling Office at 845-677-6933.

Shannon Vollmer
Director of College Counseling
Erin Downs
Associate Director of College Counseling
John Siegenthaler
College Counselor
Michael Williams
Assistant Director of College Counseling
Carolyn Hurley
Summer Programs & Gap Year Counselor
Testing Supervisor/AP Coordinator
Educational Testing Coordinator