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  • Basketball-Boys Varsity

    2018 - 2019
    Head Coach: William Thom

    Millbrook's basketball program functions with the idea that the team is stronger than the individual. To be successful, a team must have shared values. It is with this in mind that the Millbrook basketball program has four clearly marked objectives. During each and every team function - each practice, each workout, each conditioning session, each film session, each team meeting - these objectives are present in the minds of Millbrook basketball players.

    1. GET BETTER – You do not have to become a D1 player or a championship team in one day – just get a little better every time you step onto the court. We strive to consistently get better as individuals and as a whole.

    2. PLAY TO WIN - Play with an ever-present confidence. We strive to foster a never-ceasing competitive nature within our players.

    3. MAKE EVERY PLAY COUNT – It is easy to be great for one or two plays; however few players are able to be great for a longer duration than that. Effort erases physical mistakes. Effort erases physical deficiencies. Consistent effort makes good teams great.

    4. HAVE FUN – Without this, nothing else matters. When you’re having fun, you are comfortable and loose. When you’re having fun, you care about the people you are with. When you are having fun, you can fight through hard times.

    These four objectives are the backbone of the Millbrook basketball program. Working to achieve these objectives, not just on the basketball court but also in everyday life, we aim to prepare hard-working young men of good character to be strong collegiate student-athletes.

    Couple this mental and emotional outlook with physical fundamentals, preparation, and execution, and we truly feel that every day is a great day to be a Mustang!

    Recent college placements include:
    Cornell University
    Colgate University
    Dominican College
    Lasell College
    Longwood University
    Marist College
    Middlebury College
    Skidmore College
    St. Bonaventure
    SUNY Brockport
    Williams College


  • Head Coach:  William Thom
    845-677-8261 Ext.145
  • Coach Joshua Goldstein
  • Coach Luke Westman
    845-677-8261 Ext.141


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