Millbrook Splits Invitational at Berkshire: Wins Against Gunnery, South Kent, and Canterbury, and Loses Against Berkshire and Salisbury

Coach Meltzer
Millbrook boys and girls traveled to the Berkshire School on a gorgeous, sunny fall day.  Unfortunately, the team was managing a few injuries, and recovery for upcoming competitions was forefront on the runners' minds.  The boys ran hard, and put a lot of effort into the race.  Unfortunately, Millbrook lost to Berkshire by one point, with a score of 27-28.  In the other competitions, Millbrook beat the Gunnery 25-32, South Kent 18-43, and Canterbury 27-29, and lost to Salisbury 25-36.  Overall, Kazuki Unamaya ('18) won the race, and Mateo Winogrand ('19) placed 3rd.  Chris Wilkins ('18) and David Nesterov-Rappoport ('18) finished together, coming in 22nd and 23rd, respectively.  Henry Schulz ('18) and Yassin Amir ('21) came in shortly thereafter, finishing in 26th and 27th.  Buzz Galbraith ('18) finished in 60th place after a determined run, and Fenway Powers ('21) finished in 73rd. 
After the race, the Millbrook Boys and Girls teams celebrated the seniors with a Senior Celebration that Berkshire graciously allowed the teams to celebrate on their campus (as there were no Varsity races planned on the Millbrook home course this season).  The celebration included gratitudes, food and beverage that parents graciously brought, and flowers for all the seniors.  In all, it was a lovely celebration of the teams' oldest members. 
Thanks to Berkshire for hosting the race and Senior Day, and for the teams for coming out for the chance to race!